…about issues with the current industrial production of meat.


While it’s not always easy to see, our food system has been going through dramatic changes over the last several decades.  It’s resulted in an industrialized production system that often times creates great efficiency and low prices, but reduced quality and possibly even health risks.


…the best healthy & sustainable meat options in the Twin Cities.


Let the Meat Hound search out the best options in your area.  Just click on Advanced Search and enter your ZIP code to find restaurants, grocers and butchers that are close-by and serving up sustainable and healthy food.


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…whether hunting, fishing and foraging might be right for you.

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We often resign ourselves to what we’ve known, and think it’s too late in life to learn a new skill.  Nowhere is this more true than with activities like hunting, fishing and foraging.  But the reality is that these skills are something that anyone can learn, at any point in life.

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We’re All Born Hunters….

  “We’re All Born Hunters”…this is one of the opening statements in Clay Hayes film on traditional bowhunting (link below). Clay is a proud member of Backcountry Hunters & Anglers which is full of great ethically-minded hunters and anglers who promote keeping public lands in public hands, as well as fair-chase hunting. Check out his film....

Got Bœuf, Carne de Res or Beef?

  Where is your beef, pork or other meat coming from these days? In a recent story by The Globe and Mail out of Canada it was reported, “Canadian hog producers have lost more than $3-billion in exports and many farmers have quit the business…” due to COOL [Country of Origin Labelling]. The Wold Trade Organization (WTO) recently declared the labelling of “country of origin” on meat sold in the US as unlawful. In response, the US House committee quickly voted to repeal legislation referred to as COOL in...

Panfish Tacos – Make My Meal with Chef Lukas Leaf (VIDEO & RECIPE)

    Panfish Taco Recipe Complexity: 3 out of 10 Prep Time: 15 min. (Watch Video)     In this recipe Chef Lukas Leaf prepares Panfish Tacos from a fresh catch of crappies. Any type of white meat panfish will work for this simple and delicious recipe. Watch Lukas prepare it in the VIDEO below. Ingredients: – 1/3 head of cabbage – 1/2 bunch of cilantro – 1/2 of a fresh lime – 2 Tablespoons of vinegar (white or red wine will work) – 2 Tablespoons extra virgin olive oil – 1 Tablespoon butter –...

Book Review: DEERLAND by Al Cambronne

DEERLAND is a book from Lyons Press and written by Al Cambronne. It takes a thoughtful look at the complexities that surround the wild deer herd in America. As a country we’ve gone through boom and bust periods when it comes to deer population in many areas. And, as much as we’d like to simplify the causes of this down to just overhunting, or lack of good management it’s often much more complex, as Cambronne explores in the book. With chapters like Inside America’s Deer-Industrial Complex and Why the...

Let’s Talk Turkey

Tim Nelson from MPR News reported yesterday on a new program being offered by the Minnesota DNR for those who have never hunted, but are curious about how they could get involved. This last Thursday evening Jay Johnson who leads new hunter recruitment for the state agency held an introductory meeting at the Seward Community Co-Op in Minneapolis regarding a turkey hunt that will be held this spring for new hunters. For those of you following Modern Carnivore, you’ll recall that Jay led the program last fall that brought new hunters into...

MeatHound App Coming Soon!

Have you wondered if there was a way to easily find quality meat products to cook at home, or at a local restaurant? The MeatHound app by Modern Carnivore is in early development right now. Through this tool you’ll be able to find locations close to home that either sell great meat cuts, or restaurants that take care in preparing healthy meats that are sustainable. There are many reasons of why to select these options. “Better beef” is a term that’s been used, but others like grass-fed, organic, sustainable...

More People Affected by Adult-Onset Hunting

Greg Leifeld grew up with family members who hunted, but never took part himself. Now as an adult with kids of his own he’s decided to try deer hunting for himself, and the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is helping him out. They’re experimenting with a new program intended to introduce adults to the world of hunting. The program is referred to as “adult-onset hunting”, a term coined by Tovar Cerulli, author of the book The Mindful Carnivore: A Vegetarian’s Hunt for Sustenance. Introductory hunting courses have existed in...

Why are trout so elusive, and so wonderful to eat?

Trout season is now open and I can’t wait to get out on the stream next week to catch many and maybe even cook a couple over the campfire. Do you trout fish? Why?…Please comment...

Hunting as a responsible way to put meat on the table

Have you ever wondered why hunters head out into the cold and dark of early mornings to go after their quarry?  What is it that compels them to do...

Light on the wallet, but heavy on your waist

The last few decades have created an amazingly efficient system of producing inexpensive food for us as Americans. From genetically modified mono-cultures of corn, to antibiotic and hormone-heavy cattle, we get snacks and meals that are light on the wallet and heavy on the waist. Not too long ago most of us would have hunted for our own food, or purchased it from farmers/ranchers in our community.  Today, there are so many layers of business and plastic material between what’s on our plate, and where it came from, that there’s...