…about issues with the current industrial production of meat.


While it’s not always easy to see, our food system has been going through dramatic changes over the last several decades.  It’s resulted in an industrialized production system that often times creates great efficiency and low prices, but reduced quality and possibly even health risks.


…the best healthy & sustainable meat options in the Twin Cities.


Let the Meat Hound search out the best options in your area.  Just click on Advanced Search and enter your ZIP code to find restaurants, grocers and butchers that are close-by and serving up sustainable and healthy food.


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…whether hunting, fishing and foraging might be right for you.

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We often resign ourselves to what we’ve known, and think it’s too late in life to learn a new skill.  Nowhere is this more true than with activities like hunting, fishing and foraging.  But the reality is that these skills are something that anyone can learn, at any point in life.

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