In today’s world we’ve become  increasingly disconnected from the true sources of food.  Modern Carnivore is re-connecting people to healthy meat options and introducing them to a lifestyle of “direct harvest” that includes foraging, fishing and hunting.  No experience required.

It’s about promoting a healthier planet and a healthier diet so subscribe today to the newsletter, read a story, watch a video or leave a comment in the forum.  And then, get ready to open your eyes to new ways of thinking about that food on your plate.


MARK NORQUIST – Publisher, Editor

Mark is the founder of Modern Carnivore. He has worked in marketing and media for more than 20 years and has had a lifelong passion for outdoor pursuits including hunting, fishing, foraging and more.





Chef Lukas Leaf Modern Carnivore

LUKAS LEAF – Chef and Contributor

Lukas is the lead chef for Modern Carnivore and has created amazing meals with wild ingredients for people across the country. Lukas was formerly executive chef at the award-winning Italian restaurant Al Vento in Minneapolis. He has a passion for the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness and protecting the pristine waters of this region in northern Minnesota.




Phil Aarrestad

PHIL AARRESTAD – Photography, Video, Writing Contributor

Phil has shot a variety of film formats over the years. Much of his work centers on the outdoors and the experiences of hunting, fishing and cooking. As a core contributor to the team he has scripted, shot and edited many of our projects. His attention to detail and understanding of lighting is invaluable.




Jamie-Carlson-Modern-CarnivoreJAMIE CARLSON- Wild Game Food Blogger

Jamie is the creator of the popular wild game food blog You Have To Cook It Right , a frequent contributor to the Cast Iron Chef blog at OutdoorLife.com and a regular presenter at wild game events throughout the Midwest. On September 1, 2018 Jamie brought his blog to Modern Carnivore and will be a regular contributor. His creativity when it comes to wild game cooking is second to none. Look for his stories, recipes and more on this site.